The Living Art Studio is a place where creativity and confidence converge.
We seek to elevate the artistic standards of body art both locally and beyond.

The Living Art Studio is seated comfortably on the northern shore of Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota.

Large bay windows look directly out over the harbor, the Aerial Lift Bridge and the Canal Park Business district.

We have a calm and serene ambiance at our humble shop.

Each of the workstations at Living Art are clean and sterile, in full compliance with Minnesota Department of Health codes, requirements, and licensure, and can be partitioned for privacy when appropriate. And we do our best to promote an atmosphere of professionalism and a relaxed efficiency to our workflow that can be sensed the moment people walk through our door.

The needs and desires of our clients are our top priority at the Living Art Studio. We do our best to ensure a positive and successful experience with every tattoo that we do. Our staff includes some of the best artists and tattooists in the Northland, and it’s backed up by experience! We consider it our job to get the ideas and concepts that are in our clients heads, onto paper and, ultimately, onto the skin—to be enjoyed and displayed with pride for years to come!

Aside from our beautiful location, ethical implementation, and award-winning professional artists, the Living Art Studio is a great place to get a tattoo because we share a passion for what we do and for the ancient art of tattooing. Respectful and friendly, the highly versatile artists here put their heart and soul into every piece they do, large or small, and possess the know-how to make your vision a reality today!